Destination clients

Destination clients / Application mobile

This gamified training tool combines a mobile application and playing cards with the assistance of a trainer. It offers SNCF agents the opportunity to project themselves into different situations involving customers faced with difficulties during their journey.

Customer: SNCF

Format: Card game and mobile application

Type: Fun training

Target: SNCF agents

Objective: Refine customer relations


“Destination clients” consists of playing cards of two types: action cards, identical for each scenario, and situation cards which are specific to each situation. Thanks to a mobile application on tablet, an exchange then takes place between agent and client. The game session is supervised by a trainer who stimulates the debate between the participants and promotes their feedback.
From 10K euros.

The price varies depending on the number of chapters (Situation) and the number of game boxes to print.

The budget includes design, scripting, graphics, animations, development, sound, up to the on-line publishing.

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