A multiplayer online escape game, designed to enhance teamwork. Through web deployment and the training of dynamic support teams, hundreds of colleagues around the world have strengthened their ties by solving puzzles together in one-hour play sessions.

Customer: Tractebel (Engie)

Format: Online game

Type: Escape game

Target: Tractebel team

Objective: Raise awareness of teamwork

Partner: Now.be

Each world has an enigma to solve together, each one based on a specific skill of collaboration and teamwork. At the end of the game, it is all the themes dear to Engie that have been put into practice by colleagues united in the same mission: find the door that will allow them to escape for good to the universe of Enigm4.
From 10K euros.

The price varies depending on the number of levels (Riddles) in the game.

The budget includes design, scripting, graphics, animations, development, sound, up to the on-line publishing.