Tractebel Wishes

On the occasion of the end of year celebrations, Tractebel offers you a free game illustrating the CSR program in which the company participates (donation of photovoltaic panels to a hospital in Africa).

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Client: Tractebel (Engie)
Format: Mobile and online
Type: Game
Target: Personal Tractebel
Objective: Inform
The game’s rules

The player must collect a maximum of photons in a given time by sliding his finger or the mouse on the playing area. He then discharges his harvest in the battery located at the bottom of the screen. As the discharges progress, a table illustrating a thematic of the CSR program is constructed.

From 5K euros

The price varies depending on the number of levels.

The budget includes the design, illustrations, graphics, animation, creation of the site, development, sound, until the on-line publishing.