Panic at the Museums

A mix between solving puzzles, information on the functioning of museums, discovery of fairy tales and sound escape game. Users must go through different media in order to collect all the pieces of the mystery and face the Time Devourer.


Customer  Mons and Tournai Museums
Format  Transmedia
Type  Escape game
Target  For all
Goal  Promote the exhibitions in Mons and Tournai Museums

For the exhibitions in the Mons and Tournai Museums, this transmedia activity invites visitors to observe art from a whole new perspective. Technology and vestiges of the past intertwine to offer a puzzle game to be played in the museum or at home. By finding the different creatures, they will leave clues and keys to learn more about the arts and lead to the final confrontation with the Time Devourer. During their adventure, the player will also discover how the museum works and will be guided by various tales to further enhance their visit.

We also set up a sound escape game to experience in museums. With an headphone, visitors track creatures from painting to painting in order to capture them.