My Perfect Day

An interactive and immersive web series. The participants live the day of Cecile, a nice young girl who works as a housekeeper.

Interactive games, quizzes, but also a series of instructive “Tips and Tricks”, all accompanied by a touch of humor to approach all the techniques in detail.


Client: Form Ts
Format: Web series
Type: Interactive video
Target: Service voucher agencies
Objective: Raise awareness and training in the profession of housekeeper
By playing Cécile, the learners make choices in relation to specific requests, identify the right cleaning techniques, take care of the relationship with their client … and see how they react directly!

Each episode teaches, in all relaxation, how to live the perfect day of Cécile, housekeeper.

From 20K.

The price varies depending on the duration and the number of episodes. As well as the number of sets, protagonists and languages.

The budget includes design, scripting, filming, graphics, development, sound, right up to the launch.