A range of games and medical applications that prepare the child for an intervention, reduce pain during small interventions and provide follow-up for parents.

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Client: Red Cross, Cerballiance, Orthocare, Gap …

Format: Transmedia

Type: Ludo-Medical

Target: Children and parents

Objective: Reduce pain

Partner: MintT

The blood test :
Game which explains the course of the treatment to reduce the stress of the child before the treatment.

Guided tour :
Application in augmented reality to show children around the hospital, accompanying them from reception to the doctor’s office. A treasure hunt that decrease the fear of visiting an hospital.

The AR app:
Application in augmented reality which reduces pain during procedures. This application has demonstrated its effectiveness in clinical tests: playing reduces the feeling of pain in children. But while playing, the child remains connected to care thanks to augmented reality.


Various formulas are available to you to use the applications tailored to your structure, the number of uses and the duration of use.

It is also possible to customize the applications to your image, adapt the storytelling or even create a custom application.

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