Butterfly Effect

An interactive cartoon to protect yourself from cyber attacks. The player thwarts hacking attempts by interrupting the story at key moments to make the right decisions.

Client: UCLouvain

Format: Web

Type: Interactive cartoon

Target: Students and university staff

Objective: Raise awareness of IT security

Partner: Now.be

One of the major risks facing universities and schools is cybersecurity. In fact, the risks of identity theft, viruses, and those related to IoT technologies (connected objects) have greatly increased in recent years, in particular with the increase in “nomadism” of users. These risks can have a significant impact in cost and time. It is for this reason that UCLouvain decided to tackle the problem by using an innovative and effective solution.
From 15K euros.

The price varies depending on the number of episodes and animations.

The budget includes design, scripting, graphics, animations, development, sound, up to the on-line publishing.

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