Funny Planet

A transmedia platform for environmental awareness for our young people from 4 to 18 years old. The many possible activities are listed in educational files: online game, geolocated walk, physical game, link to reference sites and relevant videos. The content keeps getting richer thanks to its community.

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Client: Walloon Region

Format: Web / Mobile app / Physical games

Type: E-Learning Platform

Target: Teachers

Objective: Environmental awareness


The numerous editable educational files offer “turnkey” courses, specific to a given theme. But it is also possible to choose one of the many activities available, in the context of a community full of exchanges and creativity.
Between 20K and 200K euros.

The price varies a lot, because it depends on the elements contained in the platform, such as here: an original universe, storytelling, a site, online activities, educational sheets, creation tools, interactive videos, an application , a physical game, …

This type of development is often carried out in several stages year by year.