Halloween demons

In the universe of Halloween demons, players embody demons who confront each other in frenzied duels through scenario board games like the Manor, Mortal Basket, Ghost Train … These games are accessible to children from 10 years old but they are oriented to teenagers / adults. The number of participants varies according to the games, but all are played at least between 2 and 6 players depending on the scenario and the level of the players. The games last between 30 minutes for the Mortal Basket and 3 hours for the Manor.

Type: Board games with figurines
Target: 12+
Goal: Entertainment

The manor
Haunt, haunt brave demons, this night is Halloween! Take possession of a scarecrow and enter the game. Come face your friends in wild duels. Who will be the first to catch the devil’s tail? How many of you are going to lose your mind? Will little Goths have the trouillometer at zero? Who will become the Bleurgs of the game? Hurry up! You only have that night to get there, Halloween night!

Mortal Basket
When Halloween demons are challenged to basketball by mere mortals, you can expect sparks! But using your natural abilities is not cheating … In this basketball game with the stars of the Mortal Basket Association (MBA), counter, dribble and dunk without limit! But whatever the final score, fear not: you are already out of this world …

Interactive theater
Exorcists armed with their pistols and 3D glasses must knock out a maximum of Halloween demons … An experience that will test your nerves.

Board game from 5K euros

The price varies depending on the number of game items (Card, boards, cards, …). The budget includes design, illustrations, graphics, up to printing.

From 100K euros.

The price varies depending on the duration of the experience.

The budget includes design, scripting, illustrations, graphics, animation, implementation.

Board Game : Mortal Basket

Interactive theater : The cursed forest