To play with family of 3 to 6 players from 6 years old, for a duration of +/- 30 min. The objective is to have the most “lice” counters at the end of the game.

To get there, you have to hide your pirate by collecting three identical hiding places.

A good way to play down the lice problem with your children while having fun.

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Bee Editor
Format: Card game
Target 6+

The universe

Barbapoux and his pirates kidnapped Princess Poupouillette. At the sight of all these beards and hair infested with lice, the princess can not resist….
She arms herself with her shampoos, hair brush and other lotions to exterminate all these parasites before they invade her pretty hair. Sacrebleu, pirates allergic to cleanliness run quickly to hide! Then begins a crazy hide-and-seek for lice hunting …

Board game from 5K euros

The price varies depending on the number of game items (Card, boards, cards, …). The budget includes design, illustrations, graphics, up to printing.